Bishop3D Beta

by admin April 17, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Bishop3D is an interactive modeler and animation tool for the popular freeware raytracer POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer), a world-class renderer for creating three-dimensional photo-realistic images. Bishop3D has been designed and built to work with POV-Ray raytracer on MS-Windows platform.

The project goal is to deliver a stable, reliable, powerful, extensible and easy to use tool to help POV artists and enthusiasts to produce still images and animation films.

The Renderer

POV-Ray is a freeware, stand-alone, world-class renderer that creates three-dimensional photo-realistic images taking as input a text file with the scene described in a script language known as POV-Ray Scene Description Language (SDL).

The Modeler

Bishop3D allows you to model the scenes interactively and it will automatically generate the correspondent POV-Ray SDL script. It offers native keyframe animation support, POV-Ray SDL import and a powerful texture editor.

The Modeler-Renderer integration

Bishop3D communicates with POV-Ray via POV-Ray’s extension interface providing a seamless integration between the modeler and the renderer. You can start render jobs and see the results without ever leaving Bishop3D.

Download: Bishop3D Beta