BMPCrypt .1.0

by admin November 22, 2005 at 9:37 am

This program uses the so called “steganographic tecnic”, it lets you concealing some tests or some file inside bitmap (*.bmp) images without changing or loosing their external aspects!

BMPCrypt uses the so called “injective steganography”. You will be asked to load a picture that will be the box wich will contain the informations you want to conceal, you can choose to insert siple texts or entire files, but you must respect the limits of the file-container that will be clearly shown from the program. Then you can set your own password and choose the type of steganographic algorythm you want the program to applicate(at 1, at 2, at 4 or at 8 bits).

While the file has been crypted, the file-container will encapsulate the informations related to the cryptation together with the data that have been injected in it. With this simple utility you will be able to carrying in total security your data from side to side without generating any alert! The file-container, in fact, will be show for everyone as a simple picture or a photo and only you will be acknowledged of the fact it is containing some concealed data! To restore the injected data out from the file-container you the program will use the same process of the injection but acting as a reverse! Of course it will be an automatic and user-friendly process!

Download: BMPCrypt .1.0