BookDB 2.1.101

by admin October 4, 2007 at 3:47 pm

With BookDB you can enter all your books with author, category, publisher etc and print them out in a variety of formats. Why would you need such a thing? Well, if you’re always going to book sales and buying bargains only to get home and find you’ve doubled up, take a printout with you! BookDB has a super-condensed print mode so you’ll need a magnifying glass, but at least it’ll save a tree or two.

BookDB also has lending library features. With them, you can add borrowers, loan out books, add multiple copies and so on.

You can also import your catalogue from LibraryThing, which gives you a local, searchable database of your books. Whilst logged in to your LT account, click Tools and then “Export all records as tab-delimited text”. Save the XLS file to your computer and then use BookDB’s ‘Import LibraryThing’ to read all the data in.

Barcodes: You can use any barcode scanner with BookDB provided it sends the data as keypresses.

Download: BookDB 2.1.101