BumpTop Mac 1.05.2

by admin March 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

BumpTop is a brand new way to look at your Mac desktop.

BumpTop is a full 3D experience with smooth, realistic physics, making your Mac’s desktop act more like the real desktop it’s sitting on.

BumpTop will stay out of your way, complementing all of the Mac OS X features you know and love: like Spaces, Exposé, and Quick Look.

BumpTop even supports multitouch gesturespro_badge on your MacBook’s trackpad.


Your desktop is a workspace, and like any workspace it can get messy. Reclaim your mess.

Make the most of your screen real estate; Clean Up or Pile your items, or Grow and Shrink them independently.

View the contents of your piles quickly and effortlessly with BumpTop’s Grid View.

Pin important files to BumpTop’s walls to keep them separate from the rest.

BumpTop’s Find-As-You-Type (Pro) feature instantly brings elusive files into plain view.


The new feng shui: make your desktop truly your own.

BumpTop’s four walls and floor are your canvas: pick and choose images for each wall.

Download: BumpTop Mac 1.05.2