Bytessence PassKeeper 2.5

by admin March 27, 2008 at 8:04 pm

Bytessence PassKeeper (BPK) is a freeware password manager. It helps you remember your sensitive information from forums, websites or services with only a few clicks. It is very easy to use and it’s filled with features. Also, you can carry it with you on your USB Stick. If you’re looking for a fast, free and simple solution, then BPK is for you!

– Easy to use interface
– Total control over the passwords (add, remove, edit, move)
– Group management
– Clipboard operations (copy password or username, account, etc. from every entry)
– Easy import/export to/from HTML, CSV, TXT (for backup purposes)
– Can minimize to tray while you work
– Boss key (panic button – hides instantly so nobody knows what were you doing)
– Random password generator
– Password strength analyzer
– Included secure file shredder with 7 wiping algorithms
– Customizable colors for the entry list
– Uses modified and strenghtened up encryption algorithm derived from ARCFOUR
– Guards your data while you are not near your PC (automatically closes open containers)
– Portable (you can carry it on your USB stick)
– Freeware (and free support)

Download: Bytessence PassKeeper 2.5