cactus jukebox 0.4 Beta

by admin May 10, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Cactus is an audio player and music organizing tool. It searches given folders for music files and shows them in a database.
The main focus is on usability and speed. Cactus Jukebox still runs smoothly with 15GB of music files on an old computer like a P3 @ 500MHz. There’s no reason to take a dual core machine just to listen to your music.
Another nice feature: You can also syncronize your music collection with a mobile player device(USB).

In near future Cactus Jukebox will become a complete suite for organizing, editing, listening music and rip/burn CDs.

Take a look at the screenshots to get an impression about cactus.

– Fast database
– Audio CD ripper
– Webradio support
– Upload/synchronize to mobile players
– Plattform independent(GTK, GTK2, win32)
– Browse your music collection by artist, albums and titles
– Save and load m3u playlists
– ID3 tag support
– Easy tagging of mp3-files

Requirements: libfmod-3.75 or MPlayer is needed for running Cactus Jukebox.

Download: cactus jukebox 0.4 Beta Linux, Windows