Canonical pushes out Ubuntu 9.10 server

by admin October 13, 2009 at 5:50 pm

Private clouds. Public faces

If you are getting ready to build your own internal cloud-style virtual infrastructure, Canonical – the commercial entity behind the Ubuntu distro of Linux – really wants you to think outside of the box and consider the forthcoming “Karmic Koala” Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition.

Canonical is looking to build some excitement for Ubuntu 9.10, so it’s announcing the new OS today even though the Server Edition will not be ready for download until October 29.

Of course, the problem with open source projects – at least from a news and excitement perspective – is that you can see the code well ahead of the formal launch. So there are not that many surprises once something is here. Such is the case with Ubuntu 9.10, which became the topic of conversation back in February when Mark Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu project’s founder, started talking up the embedded cloud tools that would come in the Karmic Koala release, which was two months ahead of the delivery of Ubuntu 9.04 in April.

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