Cases for non-existent iPhone Nano go on sale

by admin December 26, 2008 at 6:26 pm

The notion of a pint-sized iPhone Nano arriving anytime soon seems pretty far-fetched, yet here’s accessory-maker XSKN, already taking pre-orders for a smorgasbord of iPhone Nano cases.

The Boy Genius Report spotted the cases right here—all 17 flavors, including black, electra on white, “martian” on black, pink on white … you name it, all selling for $24.95. (I’d think twice before ordering one, if I were you.)

Now, as AppleInsider points out, previous leaked case designs from XSKN accurately predicted the iPhone 3G and the new iPod Nano—hence, the current firestorm of iPhone Nano rumors in the blogosphere.

So then, is there an iPhone Nano on the way? Don’t count on it. Despite all the buzz and XSKN’s track record, even the most rumor-happy tech blogs aren’t buying the rumors—and neither am I, frankly.

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