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by admin 19 years ago

Stardock Multiplicity 1.02

If you’re familiar with PCs that have multiple monitors then understanding Multiplicity is very straight forward. Instead of having 2 or more monitors connected to a single computer, users plug each monitor into its own computer....

by admin 19 years ago

DesktopBeautifier 1.0.15

DesktopBeautifier automatically streams beautiful wallpapers to your desktop. Select the themes that interest you and allow it to work its magic. Lavish your desktop with images no one else has! DesktopBeautifier downloads the latest hand-picked...

by admin 19 years ago

Brico Pack Crystal XP

BricoPack Crystal XP is a free pack which makes it possible to modify the system files of Windows XP in order to give it a new appearance fun and variegated. This pack includes the icons Crystal SVG of Everaldo used in the graphic interface...