Stardock Multiplicity 1.02

by admin September 8, 2005 at 3:41 pm

If you’re familiar with PCs that have multiple monitors then understanding Multiplicity is very straight forward. Instead of having 2 or more monitors connected to a single computer, users plug each monitor into its own computer. Multiplicity then combines the computers together. When the mouse cursor is moved to a monitor on another computer, the user is now controlling that computer.

Multiplicity is a powerful new program that dramatically increases productivity, value, and fun for PC users. With Multiplicity, anyone from a casual user, to a professional, will dramatically increase their productivity! Imagine the power of three computers, seamlessly interacting as one computer – all at your fingertips controlled by a single keyboard/mouse.. Imagine no more, its Multiplicity!

Download: Stardock Multiplicity 1.02 (15 day Trial) | Screenshots