CellNet 3.1

by admin February 27, 2007 at 9:32 am

CellNet is a very fast desktop application for keeping files organized on your computer. It can also play music, video, DVD, load documents and URLs, display and edit photos, run programs and keep shortcuts to Windows file system. You can write cells and files to CDs, extract music from CDs or make an audio CD. Other features include, photo slideshows, full editor to move and copy files within the CellNet system, keep playlists of photos, music and video and screen capture.

Because CellNet remains on the desktop it is possible to completely clear your desktop of icons and organize them within CellNet in neat labeled columns, you can do the same with documents, movies, music, programs, flash files, photos and favorite internet places. CellNet will park itself just behind the top of the desktop when not in use all ready to be pulled down giving you instant access to your computer.

Because of its unique interface CellNet is especially useful for finding files quickly. Anyone who needs almost instant access(even on slower computers) to their important files will soon discover the benifits of using CellNet.

100% free. No spyware or adware of any kind

Download: CellNet 3.1