Cerberus 3.1 Beta

by admin February 26, 2007 at 10:08 am

Cerberus is an easy to use webcam monitoring application. Monitor up to ten webcams in realtime, in a fully configurable environment. Upload captured images from each camera to a seperate website/intranet/network/ftp site. Save images at regular intervals in a ‘time lapse’ sequence – or do all of the above – for EACH camera.

Features include;

• English, German, Portugese and Finnish languages.
• Captured images from each camera can got to seperate locations
• Each webcam can capture at a different size and different interval.
• Monitor up to ten cameras at any one time
• Option to save every captured image in ‘time lapse’ mode.
• Option to activate capturing at specific times every day.
• Built in viewer / player for captured time lapse images.
• Telnet connectivity. (simple command set as example)
• Set the output size for each camera.
• Add overlay graphics to the final saved / uploaded image!
• Motion capture modes
• Alpha blending on overlay images
• Rotate mode, cycles through available webcams
• XP Style support

Cerberus is completely free of charge.

Download: Cerberus 3.1 Beta Windows 98/ME/2000/XP