Chrome 2.0 beta Delivers Impressive Speed Bump

by admin March 18, 2009 at 5:44 pm

Google’s Chrome 2.0 web browser is now available as a public beta. While still not quite ready for prime time, the Chrome 2.0 beta boasts some impressive speed gains, making it well worth the risk of using beta software.

The Chrome 2.0 beta features an updated version of the WebKit rendering engine, which powers not just Chrome, but Apple’s Safari and other web browsers. The version of WebKit in Chrome 2.0 is very close to same version that is part of Apple’s Safari 4 beta release, which means not only is there a speed boost for Chrome 2.0, but the browser also gets features like full-page zoom, autoscroll, and support for the same CSS gradients and reflections that Safari 4 offers.

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