Chrome OS Success Can Not Be Measured By Market Share

by admin July 13, 2009 at 5:16 pm

Google, the king of search, is often touted as Microsoft’s most potent challenger. Fueled by its meteoric rise through a competitive search market and shrouded in secrecy, Google is surrounded by a cloud of confusion. It has rolled out a series of products that compete with Microsoft’s dominant businesses, including GMail (competes with Hotmail and Exchange), Google Docs (competes with Microsoft Office), and Android (Smartphone and mobile device platform). None of Google’s newer products have achieved the penetration or dominance that it has in search, leaving many to question its ability to compete outside of its core business, or worse that it has lost focus.

Google’s Chrome products, a web browser and newly announced operating system, are designed to grow the market size for its core advertising business by stimulating interest in the internet infrastructure space. Chrome, Google’s web browser, brought a critical change to browser architecture: multi-process browsing. With traditional browser technology, errors or malfunctions in a tab cause the entire browser application to slow or fail.

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