ChromiumOS Mini10v Nov25

by admin November 27, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Dell ChromiumOS (Google Chrome OS) for USB.

This download contains a functioning image of a USB key loaded with ChromiumOS. In addition, It works with the Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter. It’s definitely not perfect (read: highly experimental, untested, unstable, yada yada…) but it does appear to function.

Here are the caveats:

· It will take more than 5-10 *minutes* for the ChromiumOS network connection manager to “see” the · access points and allow you to select and connect – be patient.
· Wired connections appear to work fine and appear quick to connect.
· There are currently issues with both the connection manager as well as the underlying components (wpa_supplicant) that can easily break or get hung. When in doubt, reboot and give it another try.
· Use this image at your own risk – it comes to you totally unsupported and very minimally tested.

Speaking of which, to “reboot” the image, you have to press the “power” key on the Mini 10v – there is no “reboot/shutdown” menu option to do this.

To copy onto an USB key (8GB minimum), find another Linux machine and utilize the “dd” command to put the image onto the USB key.

Example: dd if=ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img of=/dev/sdb

In this example, /dev/sdb is my entire USB key… use “fdisk -l” to see how your USB key is named for your particular environment. Be careful to select your USB device (again, use fdisk -l to double verify and confirm the correct device filename) and not another device…

Some additional notes for the released image:

· The user name to login is “dell”. The desktop login window will complete the user name by adding “” to the end
· The user password is “dell”
· The root password is set to “dell”
· Included a script in /etc called “” to allow root (or sudo) to remount the root partition for updates/changes/whatever you like.

Obviously, this image comes with absolutely no support of any kind and is to be considered highly experimental and completely unstable.

Download: Dell ChromiumOS Mini10v Nov25