Coming Soon: The AJAX-based OS

by admin May 9, 2006 at 3:45 pm

So, what’s one more operating system between friends? Linspire is preparing a new Linux-based operating system that uses AJAX as the interface for all of its applications and documents.

The value of ajaxOS is that it is AJAX-aware, so any compatible file will be recognized by AJAX (define) applications.

Double-clicking on any known file type will launch an AJAX application to edit the document. All of this is available now, except this also means any browser that can support AJAX can also support these applications.

What makes it unique is that Linspire is also offering online storage, called a locker, where files can be saved, so a person can work on their files or play back MP3 files from any device with a browser.

This eliminates the need to take both applications and data on the road.

ajaxOS is being developed by Ajax 13, a subsidiary of Linspire, in San Diego, Calif. Ajax 13 executives think there’s plenty of opportunity out there for ajaxOS.

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