Confirmed: Google has Acquired Aardvark

by admin February 12, 2010 at 10:02 am

Earlier this morning, we heard rumors that Google was in the process of acquiring Q&A service Aardvark for around $50 million. Aardvark, which was founded by ex-Google employees, was one of our favorite Web services of 2010, but the company still remains relatively small.

Aardvark had around 100,000 users in October 2009. Aardvark co-founder Max Ventilla just confirmed with us that the company has indeed signed a deal with Google, though he didn’t disclose any details.

Why would Google be interested in this company? For one, Aardvark’s team has created a very smart algorithm that can route questions to just the right people. On average, almost 90% of all the questions on Aardvark got answered in October 2009, and the quality of these answers was generally very high.

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