Construct 0.98.9

by admin March 11, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Construct is powerful and easy to use development software for both DirectX 9-based games and applications. It includes an event based system for defining how the game or application will behave, in a visual, human-readable way.

– Create games and applications with:
– Super fast hardware-accelerated DirectX 9 graphics engine
– Add multiple pixel shaders for advanced special effects, including lighting, HDR, distortion, lenses and more
– Physics engine for realistic object behaviour
– Place object on different layers for organising display, parallaxing, or whole-layer effects
– Debugger giving you complete control over all aspects of your game for testing purposes.
– Smaller, faster specialised runtime for applications
– 50+ plugins ranging from Tiled Background to database access

Construct is developed and distributed free of charge.

Download: Construct 0.98.9