Cookienator 2.5.32

by admin August 5, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Cookienator: Maintain your privacy.

Cookienator is a tool that will help you remain anonymous from search engines such as Google and other notorious web-usage trackers such as Doubleclick or Omniture.

Many websites install cookies in your browser, and these little bits of tracking data will be used to identify you for as long as you keep using your computer.

Cookienator is lightweight; it’s a single executable that you install on your computer. When run, it will tell you how many cookies it would like to remove. You can also view the cookies in question.

By clicking a single checkbox you can elect to have Cookienator briefly check your cookie status every time you log on to your computer. If it finds that evil cookies have been around for too long, it will automatically remove them.

The software will not remove all your cookies. Many of them are used for legitimate reasons such as storing your preferences or logging you in automatically. Cookienator is configured to clean up crumbs left on your computer by a select few websites: Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Webtrends, Omniture, Doubleclick, Intellitxt, and others. This is a very arbitrary list, and it can probably be extended to include many more. You’re free to do so: Cookienator has a configuration screen where you can edit the filters used to identify potentially troublesome sites.

The software will not hang around in memory. If you set it to check for evil cookies periodically, it will very briefly run when you log in to your computer. If it finds that it’s not yet time for a cleanup it will silently exit – if there’s work to do it will perform the cleanup and let you know about it with a non-obtrusive balloon tip in the systray, then exit.

It is recommended that you close your browser(s) before running Cookienator.

Download: Cookienator 2.5.32