Corel WordPerfect Lightning 1.0

by admin November 29, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Welcome to a new way of doing things.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is free software that makes it easier than ever to capture, use, and reuse ideas, information and images.

It helps you perform your most common tasks simpler and faster!

Find out what ‘Navigator’, ‘Notes’, ‘Connector’, and ‘Viewer’ will do for you. Start your Lightning experience!

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is not a trial version. You will be downloading the free version of Corel WordPerfect Lightning, which includes:

:: a Notes tool for word processing, note taking and copying text and images from email and the Web
:: a Viewer to open PDFs, WordPerfect and Microsoft Word documents
:: a Navigator to organize your ideas and documents
:: a free online account with 200 MB storage plus many more services!

Download: Corel WordPerfect Lightning 1.0 Windows XP/Vista