Critical Vulnerability Patched in Google’s Chrome

by admin September 8, 2008 at 7:16 pm

A Vietnamese security company has found a critical vulnerability in Google’s new browser Chrome, but Google has already released patch for that problem and at least one more.

The vulnerability is one of several problems identified in the browser since it was released early last week. The bug is a buffer overflow that occurs if a user saves a Web page containing an overly long “title” tag, according to Bach Koa Internetwork Security (Bkis), based at the Hanoi Institute of Technology.

The browser can encounter a problem trying to save a file with the name contained in the overly long title tag. An attacker could then have control of the PC and could execute other code on the machine, Bkis wrote on its blog. The problem can be exploited on PCs running Windows XP SP2 and Chrome version

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