CRP (Control Running Programs) 2.0 Build 964

by admin August 19, 2008 at 4:38 pm

CRP (Control Running Programs) is a solution that will control all running programs within your windows session. In the section ‘Instance Controlling’, you can specify how many instances of a particular program will run at the same time, preventing memory overflow and instant program spawning from other programs. In the section ’Instance Launching’, specific programs will be launched once they have been closed, either by accident, from the user or the task manager. Drag & Drop support from explorer is also supported and multiple entries allow unlimited amount of programs to be used.

You can set CRP to start with the windows session, maintaining full control without manual loading and spawning instance support will allow you to run several copies of CRP at the same time. A full set of options are available via the ‘Options’ window and direct access to the current tasks list is also available.

Download: CRP (Control Running Programs) 2.0 Build 964