CSS Spy 1.0 RC1

by admin November 20, 2006 at 4:14 am

CSS Spy is a Cascade Style Sheet Editor (CSS). View in real time the effects of the style on Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Edit Cascade Style Sheets could be something complicated, especially if you don’t know well the w3C specification. How many times you has been asked about valid parameters for a property? How many times you wasted so much time for know how is seen the style in navigator, saving testing again?

CSS Spy, allows to you to edit of a simple and fast way all the properties supported by W3C CSS 1 and 2 specification and documented extensions of MSIE, Mozilla and Opera. In addition it can visualize in real time the item published in Internet Explorer and Mozilla (This option requires to install an additional component)

Download: CSS Spy 1.0 RC1