Danet Studio 2.02

by admin December 14, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Danet Studio provides a powerful environment for creating and displaying high quality documents. Enhanced features that support both fixed-documents and flow-documents, advanced viewing controls, combined with powerful element controls capabilities take Danet Studio to a new level of quality and user experience.

Danet Studio Modules:

Danet Creator:
Danet Creator offers a wide range of document features that enable the creation of high-fidelity content that is designed to be more easily accessed and read. With Danet Creator, you can create Xaml Document (Flow Document), Word Xml Document, Html Document, Fixed Document (XPS Document), RTF Document, Word Document, Danet Document and Text Document.

Danet Reader:
Danet Reader is a control for viewing Flow Document, Danet Document, RTF Document and Text Document with built-in support for multiple viewing modes. You can choose dynamically between various viewing modes, including a single-page (page-at-a-time) viewing mode, a two-page-at-a-time (book reading format) viewing mode, and a continuous scrolling (bottomless) viewing mode.

Danet Viewer:
The Danet Viewer is used to view FixedDocument content (such as XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents) in a paginated format. Enable support for adding user-created text note, ink note, and highlight annotations.

Danet Merger:
The Danet Merger is used to extract and merge pages from multiple XPS documents to create a new XPS document that contains the selected pages. After a new XPS document is saved, you can see the new document in the Danet Creator or Danet Viewer by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.

Danet Player:
Danet Player used to present audio, video, and video with audio content. Danet Player can be controlled interactively.

Danet Puzzle:
Danet Puzzle is a slide puzzle game as a lightweight gaming platform. The background “pieces” for the slide puzzle are user selectable. Selectable background elements include video and picture.

XPS Annotator:
XPS Annotator is an advanced standalone XPS Viewer (not hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer), we adding some features including annotations, document properties, digital signatures, and sidebar for ease of reading.

Download: Danet Studio 2.02 Free Edition