Dare Junkies: Jackass meets YouTube

by admin December 9, 2006 at 4:38 pm

Dare Junkies, which will launch a public beta on Tuesday, combines the video sharing and social networking aspects of YouTube/MySpace, with the challenge-based formula of reality TV. Users submit challenges or dares, and those who choose to accept, respond by capturing their efforts on video. The top ten videos (as chosen by the community) then qualify for a percentage of a cash price offered each month – which will start at $5,000.

As well as the chance to win money and have their 15 megabytes of fame, it’s hoped that users will enjoy the sense of accomplishment felt through pushing themselves to do things outside their normal comfort zone. For the viewers, the range of ‘dares’ are expected to produce compelling content in the best reality TV tradition, enhanced by the interactivity inherent in being able to play a part in setting those challenges.

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