Dasient: Ex-Googler’s Launch Website Security as a Service

by admin June 16, 2009 at 12:54 pm

Ever come across a Google search result that has the words ‘this site can harm your computer’ below a link? What about the Firefox red screen of death? If you’re a Web surfer, chances are you’ve likely avoided clicking on this type of link. If you’re the owner of the flagged site, chances are that those six simple words will set off a mental tailspin.

Launching today, Dasient, a San Jose start-up founded by a couple of ex-Googler’s, hopes to change all that with its new Web anti-malware service. By monitoring Web sites for infected pages, providing instant diagnostics and giving site owners a two-click quarantining option within moments of a compromise, Dasient’s subscription based security service (free and paid, from $50/month) aims to help businesses retain control of their Web site and remain clear of the dreaded blacklist.

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