DefragMentor Lite CL 5.0

by admin April 10, 2006 at 11:44 am

DefragMentor Lite CL is a FREE command line file defragmentation utility. With DefragMentor Lite CL you can defragment a single file or a group of files as well as to obtain information on file and disk fragmentation. DefragMentor Lite CL (where CL stands for Command Line) is a perfect tool for automated file-based defragmentation.

Even if you defragment the entire disk on a regular basis, some frequently changed files become fragmented long before the next launch of disk defragmenter. So you can use DefragMentor Lite CL to optimize placement of individual files thus reducing access time and improving overall performance of your system. Database files of any kind (especially large ones) are the best example of what DefragMentor Lite CL can optimize.

Instead of running DefragMentor Lite CL manually every time you need to defragment files you can schedule a task, which Windows will run for you automatically at any convenient time. Use the standard Windows task scheduler if you want to work in this way.

DefragMentor Lite CL uses native Windows defragmentation routines and does not access the disk directly. When trying to optimize a target file DefragMentor Lite CL does not affect other files on the disk. Therefore, DefragMentor Lite CL is quite safe and cannot break the consistency of the disk data structure.

System Requirements

DefragMentor Lite CL can be used on any computer running Windows 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000. If you want to use the product with Windows NT 4.0 make sure Service Pack 2 or higher is installed.

With DefragMentor Lite CL you can defragment files on disks formatted in FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file systems with cluster size less than or equal to 4K.

To use DefragMentor Lite CL you must be a member of local Administrators group on the computer where the product is being used.

Download: DefragMentor Lite CL 5.0