DeleteOnClick 2.1

by admin May 15, 2007 at 12:36 pm

When you delete a file or folder using Windows, it is usual for the file or folder to be moved to the Recycle Bin (Trash). When the Recycle Bin is emptied, the data you have deleted is not actually removed from your computer. Instead, Windows makes the space occupied by the file available for writing. In other words, every file you delete using Windows is potentially recoverable in the short term. If you create a new file after deleting using Windows, or save a changed file, it may write over the ‘deleted’ file’s space, thus destroying it permanently. Likewise, defragmenting will possibly overwrite the deleted files.

DeleteOnClick completely deletes files in one click rather than sending the file to the recyle bin. The data becomes unrecoverable. For this reason you must use this program carefully. Once a file is ‘Securely Deleted’ no one can undelete it.

Download: DeleteOnClick 2.1