Delgado Desktop 2.2.4

by admin October 2, 2006 at 7:47 am

Daily change your wallpaper

Pre-set a different picture for each day of the week.
You can individually set the display format of those pictures on “Center-Tile or Stretch”.
You may also use the default “Delgado Desktop” picture and/or any background color as direct action
and set those options if no wallpaper set for a specific day.
Note that once a picture is set, you can remove the original picture, Delgado Desktop copies the selected pictures in a specific folder.
You can preview the pictures in full screen size by clicking on it.
An icon is placed in systray to access the main features and settings.

No spam, no spyware, no adware…

Download: Delgado Desktop 2.2.4 Windows 2000/XP