Dell embraces Google

by admin May 26, 2006 at 11:19 am

Google and Dell have agreed to a first in a series of deals to preinstall Web and desktop search software on the PC maker’s computers, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Thursday.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference in Las Vegas, Schmidt discussed details of a long-rumored deal between the No. 1 search engine and the No. 1 PC maker, which is a strike against Google rival Microsoft. Under the deal, millions of Dell PCs will be loaded with the Google toolbar for Web and PC search, along with a co-branded home page, before they’re shipped to consumers.

Financial details were not disclosed, but Schmidt said the companies will share revenue from search-advertising fees.

“The real reason we do this is for users,” Schmidt said. People “turn the Dell machine on, and everything is integrated right there. (This deal) is a turnkey solution for search.”

A Dell representative said that the deal will not hamper consumer choice on the Dell desktop, however. “Our motivation is to deliver customers tools that enable them to search and organize information quickly and easily, right out of the box…Dell customers will have the option of choosing Microsoft as their default if they prefer.”

The deal covers Dell PCs sold to consumers and certain corporations.

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