Digg founder ‘confirms’ copy/paste in iPhone 3.0

by admin March 16, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Digg founder Kevin Rose today “confirmed” that a Apple will implement a version of the much-anticipated “copy & paste” function in iPhone v3.0 (expected to debut next week at Apple’s Townhall Event), but said that Apple was not expected to support background apps or processes. The “confirmation”, which came in a Diggnation podcast recorded at SxSW in Austin, said that users will be able to “double click” a word to bring up a magnifying glass with two sets of quotes that users can drag forward or background and then click on copy or cut. Rose also claims that it brings a number of other features to bring the iPhone up to par with the Palm Pre, but did not include application multitasking or video (claiming the latter was due to a technical problem with writing to NAND memory too many times/too fast, but that it would come in future releases).

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