DIKO Free 2.40

by admin June 13, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Diko is a video converter: it converts many kind of video to fit a DVD-R as DVD-Video or a CD as SVCD. But how DIKO is different from the other video converters around?

For each step of this conversion, there’s an optimal way to do it and a optimal software (generally freeware) to use. But using all softwares and learning each step to do an optimal conversion is a time consuming task in two aspects: you have to spend a lot of time learning to use the tools and you have to be around to run each tool. Since video encoding processes takes a while, sometimes this means that you would have to stay all day long around the computer to command one step after the other, besides setting the right options and doing manual calculations.

DIKO is an automation tool: it command many other software to get the best result in this conversion. It’s like a super speciallized robot that does the all the calculations, decides what is best qualitywise and gives the right orders to all tools, aiming to get excellent video quality.

DIKO is available in two versions: DIKO Free and DIKO GOLD. DIKO Free is a 100% Freeware and functional, while DIKO GOLD costs USD 24.95 and offers more features for those willing to support DIKO.

Download: DIKO Free 2.40