dimension3 2.2

by admin September 8, 2007 at 7:05 pm

dimension3 is a 3D game “without content.” This engine is aimed directly at two groups:

Mod Makers
Mod makers have done wonderful things with other engines, but they are extending an engine that was basically designed for a single game. Dim3 is the opposite … an engine designed for all games!

These people can just download the binary and change almost everything about the engine from scripts and editors. In this way, they can make any number of games, for example:

• first-person shooter
• 3D adventure game
• 2D side scroller
• top-down RPG
• driving and racing
• network battles
… or many other types of game.

dim3 is open source, so anybody that wants to tinker with the actual code can do so. dim3 is designed to be completely changed without ever touching the code, but those that want to can dive in.

dim3 projects can be developed on OS X only, but dim3 projects can be run on OS X, Windows XP, and Linux.

Download: dimension3 2.2