DirEttore Radio Automation 1.8

by admin September 19, 2009 at 12:16 pm

DirEttore is a completely Free Radio Automation Software package, for those who can’t afford a commercial program, but are still in need of a reliable “unstoppable” piece of software for their small radio stations, clubs, …

Key Features

Three Players
You can mix songs with up to three virtual players at the same time, and a fourth ready to fire the next song (ready and on cue).

Cue Start
Every NEXT song is set on cue at its start point, while the previous is being played, in order to avoid delayed starts. In this way, songs will always start immediately.

Cue Poins
You can set START, INTRO and MIX point for each song, as well as three kind of fade types (fast, normal and slow). DO NOT FADE can also be set together with the starting mode by means of the cue points editor.

A sequence of rotation elements (directories containing song files classified according to previously selected genres, or whatever you want), that are randomly selected at the begining of each new cycle.

A playlist is basically a predefined and set sequence of songs, jingles, commercials … that can repeat itself.

A playlist that can have an INTRO, an OUTRO and an “in between” jingle definition. Useful for building commercial/trailer sequences.

Time Announcement
A “real time” time announcer with the voice of your speaker. Following a few simple rules you can build your own time announcement to be mixed seamlessly with your music program.

A vocal jingle automatically timed to end at the exact INTRO point of the next song, usually set at the beginning of the lyrics.

Requires Windows 2000 or XP

Download: DirEttore Radio Automation 1.8