DISCInfo 1.6.1

by admin July 21, 2006 at 5:56 am

DISCInfo is a freeware program to display hardware informations from and ATAPI/SCSI device under Windows operating system.

Basicaly what it does it that it sends SCSI commands to the device and retrives the information from them. The most usefull thing of the program is to show usefull informations about a DVD-ROM devices. It can check current region status. If the drive is region free it will state No Lock Detected but if the drive has region protection (RPC-2) it will show you the currect settings, like how many changes are left and curently set region.

With the latest version program is also capable of using identified info about a CD/DVD drive to pass parameters to main firmware page and look for the firmware update files on it. It can recognise external USB/Firewire HDD/CD/DVD devices (SPTI access only) and for easy sharing of the files it enabled grabing the screenshots of the program and internaly save them to a file without any extra image manipulation tools.

Download: DISCInfo 1.6.1 Windows 98/NT/2000/XP