DisCryptor Personal Edition 3.0.3

by admin January 12, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Password manager, password generator, disk encryption

With DisCryptor Personal you can create security folders, files and e-mail attachments with a single click. You will obtain password manager, password generator and advanced tools for data encryption. Disk encryption will stop unauthorized access to the content of your disks and private data. Password manager will take care of secure saving of your passwords, PINs, safety keys and other private data. It will reliably secure portable media in case of a theft or loss but at the same time it will not affect their use on other computers.

Main features

 Ã‚· Password manager for general management and saving all access data.
 Ã‚· Password generator will simplify creation of strong passwords which you can easily save into a database.
 Ã‚· Safe data removal with a data shredder.
 Ã‚· Protection of important documents with disk encryption.
 Ã‚· Advanced tools for data encryption.
 Ã‚· Data protection with a safety key which will enable access to data even after losing the password.
 Ã‚· Manager supporting known archives (RAR, ZIP, ISO, …)

Obtain a high quality protection of your digital privacy for free! DisCryptor Personal has a simple interface with minimal demands on the user’s knowledge. DisCryptor Personal is freeware and is aimed especially for home and non-commercial use.

Download: DisCryptor Personal Edition 3.0.3