Dliveo 1.0.3 Build 141 Beta

by admin September 21, 2006 at 8:44 am

Dliveo is a great little tool that allows you to send and receive files of ANY size over the internet, without using e-mail. It’s spyware and spam free, and there are currently no file size limitations, and best of all it’s free.

Dliveo lets you send:
Any file – photo, video, music, PowerPoint, CAD or graphics
Any size – no limits!
Direct to anyone with an email address

Receive Big, Important Files from Anyone.

Receive files directly on your PC
No more visiting Web sites or using FTP
Receive files all at once, not one at a time

So Smart:
Waits until you’re online to deliver packages
If sending is interrupted, Dliveo picks up where it leaves off

Very Secure:
Allows you to control what files you accept
Eliminates spam
Bypasses email
Provides fraud monitoring to eliminate abuse

Dliveo is ideal when you need to send very large files: Delivers any size file, photo, drawing, legal brief, or other document. Transmits to one or more recipients worldwide. Securely sends files with 128 bit encryption. Manages the complete process end to end

Download: Dliveo 1.0.3 Build 141 Beta Windows