DLM 1.06

by admin April 21, 2006 at 10:14 am

DLM helps you organize your files – not only downloads.

DLM can save descriptions for any file or folder and can automatically extract descriptions from archives (ZIP support is native, other archiver can be called externally). That makes it easy for you to identify files.

You can furthermore create databases, which can contain the descriptions of all the files in an entire tree and its whole directory structure, so that you can quickly search for your files, which may be located on several CDs, or simply browse the directory structure and all the descriptions without having the CD at hand. Databases can even be updated with descriptions after their creation, so that DLM can be used for existing CD compilations.
Naturally, DLM also allows you to perform file operations (move, copy & delete files; extract archives).

Download: DLM 1.06