Do Google Ads belong on a company desktop?

by admin July 24, 2006 at 5:06 am

A start-up called Spiceworks is testing whether Google Ads–commonly seen on blogs and other public Web sites–can finance a software company that sells to businesses.

On Monday, Spiceworks is expected to launch a beta of its namesake software, which monitors the networks of small- and medium-size businesses. Administrators can download the software, install it and get an inventory of what’s on their network within a few minutes, according to Scott Abel, founder and CEO of the company.

To set itself apart from existing providers, Spiceworks designed its product to be very simple to use. And it’s free to use, supported by Google Ads appearing on the right side of the administration console.

“When we were starting the company (last year), we looked at what you can do for free in the consumer Web, or Web 2.0, world and we see how that’s pervading into the enterprise,” said Jay Hallberg, vice president of marketing and another founder at the company.

“We think we will see more and more ad-based services in the enterprise,” he said.

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