dotDefender 3.86

by admin July 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm

dotDefender Monitoring mode – Real-Time Monitoring and Attack Detection

dotDefender in Monitoring mode is a free application level attack detection tool that monitors HTTP traffic in real time to detect attacks against your website and internal applications. dotDefender allows you to identify suspicious events in web traffic and achieve a better understanding of the potential threat to your website and corporate data.

· Immediately identify web application attacks.
· Identify sources of insider attacks.
· Receive real-time information about attempts to attack websites and internal applications
· View detailed statistics about attackers and attack attempts
· Receive automatic updates for detecting new threats
· Gain insight into your web application security posture
· Inspects actual HTTP/HTTPS requests for suspicious patterns that may indicate an attack, regardless of their source URL. This includes requests in content such as HTML, SOAP and XML.
· Windows/Linux

Download: dotDefender 3.86