Duckbill 4.0.6

by admin April 15, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Duckbill is a tool for any programmer or advanced user who uses practically any scripting language to get things done.

It allows you to create Mac OS X applications from your interpreted shell scripts, or scripts in Perl, Python, TCL, Ruby and other languages. Your script is wrapped in an application bundle along with an executable binary to execute your script, and associated files.

Your scripts become much more user friendly, especially for those unfamiliar with the command line interface. It also gives your script a more polished appearance without the need to learn Mac OS X APIs and GUI design and programming.

With just a simple drag-and-drop and a few clicks, your script becomes a beautifully packaged executable. Your imagination is the limit.

Download: Duckbill 4.0.6