Dustbin 1.452

by admin October 18, 2009 at 9:50 pm

This utility is suited for systems contains too many unused files, created during system lifetime and now left behind. These data might be secret and hard to find and or there is not enough time and or experience to select useless of them. So this is good job for this utility, it is searching for data like these and if you agree then it remove then and clean up your disk space.

Dustbin is smart and fast, find tens megabytes per few seconds, everything depends on your system, it means how many files do you have on your disk, how many devices do you have on your board etc. This utility is often updated to keep minimal requirements and maximal performance, so it is useful to browse our web every quarter minimaly.

This aplication is freeware, so can be downloaded, used, for non commercial purposes only, cannot be sold, and modify.

Download: Dustbin 1.452