Easy Burning 2.03a

by admin November 28, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Easy Burning is the easiest way to backup your files in a cdr(w). Integrated to the shell (send to) or used as a normal application, EASY Burning works with any CD writer. Write a folder and files, pictures and what ever you want. Easy to use. Create Data CD from a folder. Backup your MP3 collection. Integrated into Shell. send to Integrated into Desktop, Can write CD/DVD in the UDF format.

Multissession, Multifolder, Multifile(s) support. Incl. Folder compare and Check-File. This program have an independant internal ASPI/SPTI detection.

Multilanguage file (english, german, french, finnish, spanish, danish, portuguese, hungarian, galician, macedonian, polish, catalan, italian, russian, japanese, nederlands, ukrainian, SimpChinese and korean ).

Inclusive VisualISO for multi file and folder. Now include Verify file after burn. Burn Video DVD (DVD Version only)

Designed for Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP.

Download: Easy Burning 2.03a