eBayer bids $89m for PS3

by admin November 17, 2006 at 11:59 am

Someone – fool, twit, dunderheard, call them what you will – has apparently agreed to pay more than $89m for a 60GB PlayStation 3. At least he or she doesn’t have to pay the shipping cost – the seller is generously including UPS delivery in the price.

The console, which the seller pre-ordered in October after queuing outside an EB Games store in New York. He or she paid in full – the console comes with a receipt apparently – and was promised to be sent a brand spanking new PS3 this morning.

The console attracted 58 bids during the online auction’s run. The winning bidder beat the previous one by $100, but when the previous bid was $89m, how’s counting. The seller asked for the money to be sent via PayPal.

Full story: reghardware.co.uk