eBuddy for iPhone 3.5.0

by admin April 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm

eBuddy for iPhone – The best chat experience on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

All your MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook buddies in one single buddylist!

The best chat experience
Enjoy a smooth chat experience with eBuddy for iPhone! Stay online when you get a phone call or when you go back to the Home screen.

With push notifications you can enable sounds or vibration to notify you about new messages, even when you exit the app.

eBuddy will automatically reconnect you if your Edge, 3G or Wifi connection is lost. Once you reconnect, you will get the offline messages that were sent to you when you were not online.

Now, you will never miss another message from your friends!

Chat with all your friends, everywhere
Do you use MSN to chat and also have friends on Facebook? Or have one MSN account for friends and another MSN account for work? Combine your IM and social network accounts with eBuddy!

With eBuddy you can have one single buddy list with all your friends from multiple accounts. You can choose which IM account you want to sign in automatically or sign in with all accounts at once.

Easy chatting with multiple friends
Want to talk to multiple friends at the same time? With eBuddy for iPhone navigation between chat conversations is easy: just swipe your screen horizontally to switch between chats! Or get a quick overview of open chats in the Chats tab.

In the chat screen, you will get notifications when your buddy is typing and when you receive new messages from other friends.

We also made it easy for you to manage all your social contacts: add new buddies, search for buddies, organize buddies in groups, or sort them by IM account.

Personalize eBuddy for iPhone
Personalize eBuddy as you like. You can make it speak your language, because eBuddy is available in different languages and supports multi-lingual chatting.

Set your status and personal message and don’t be afraid to express yourself in your chat. Use emoticons or buzzers to personalize your chat exactly like you want it. You can also shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to send a buzzer.

Note: Push notifications are only available if you have Software Version 3.0 on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download: eBuddy for iPhone 3.5.0