EditEx Ultimate 4.2 Alpha

by admin March 6, 2008 at 4:40 pm

EditEx is a text editor. But this is not a text-processor like MS Office Word, OpenOffice.org, etc. EditEx – plain text editor for programmers. It can highlight more than 50 syntax schemes, including popular (Pascal, C++, HTML, PHP, C#, INI, Java, Assembler, XML etc.) and low-activity (NSIS, UNIX Shell Script, Eiffel, TeX etc.) highlighters.

The most interest EditEx feature is Extensions. You can increase EditEx functionality by Plugins, Scripts and Tools. So, it makes your work more comfortable, than work with completed text editors.

Also EditEx has standard text editor functions, like “Auto-correct”, “Code Completion”, “Spell Check”, etc. and specialized functions: “FTP upload/download”, “HTML-preview”, “HTML-toolbar”. You can use EditEx as Notepad replacer.

Download: EditEx Ultimate 4.2 Alpha