EU Accuses Microsoft of Wrongdoing, Again

by admin January 19, 2009 at 7:30 pm

A new year, new charges from the EU against Microsoft

Just weeks after the New Year’s celebrations ended, the European Union’s European Commission has issued a fresh round of accusations against Microsoft. Likely inspired by past successes which saw the EU reaping $1.4B USD (899M €) in its latest fine against Microsoft, the pair is getting ready to wage battle in the European Union’s courts yet again.

The EU released a statement Friday stating, “Microsoft’s tying of Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice.”

Microsoft is currently reviewing the statement and deciding whether to fight the charges by requesting a formal hearing. It has been given an eight week deadline to reply to the charges. In the past Microsoft has had little success fighting the EU, with its appeals against fines consistently failing.

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