EverDesk 4.13c Beta

by admin November 22, 2006 at 7:32 am

EverDesk is the first program to provide integrated management of emails, files, and contacts within a single user-friendly interface.

Organize everything on your computer by activity from one centralized location, while enjoying enhanced flexibility with your email and document management.

Manage emails, documents, web links, music, movies and other files together in the same folders when they are relevant to the same activity.

View, manage, and send email attachments with far greater ease and flexibility than any other program.

Instantly preview virtually any document on your computer, including emails, pictures, MS Office Documents, PDF files, music files, video files, and more.

Communicate more efficiently with context sensitive address book and faster access to contact information than ever before.

All EverDesk beta users will receive free use of EverDesk Mail Service for the duration of the beta phase.

Download: EverDesk 4.13c Beta Windows 2000/XP