Fab’s AutoBackup

by admin February 2, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Fab’s AutoBackup is a program which allows users to backup and restore personal data and settings like emails, documents, internet browser bookmarks… You can use it as Windows PE plugin (developped for Bart’s PE Builder) and as a standalone program for Windows.

Fab’s AutoBackup 3 has been entirely rewritten, it’s ergonomy rethinked, with in mind the wish of always provide the easiest way of use but with a maximum compatibilty. The beta version brought to you today has been tested with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The program allows you to backup and restore :

 Ã‚· Shared Documents folder
 Ã‚· My Documents folder (without My Pictures, My Music and My Videos folders wich are backed-up separately).
 Ã‚· My Pictures folder
 Ã‚· My Music folder
 Ã‚· My Videos folder
 Ã‚· User’s Windows Desktop
 Ã‚· Desktop’s wallpaper
 Ã‚· Quick launch toolbar
 Ã‚· Windows Internet Explorer favorites
 Ã‚· Windows Internet Explorer main start page
 Ã‚· Outlook Express messages and settings (mail accounts, rules…)
 Ã‚· Windows Mail (or Windows Live Mail) messages and settings
 Ã‚· Windows Address book, used by outlook Express or Windows Mail
 Ã‚· Microsoft Office Outlook PST files (messages, address book and calendar are stored in)
 Ã‚· Outlook.nk2 file (contains the A field history)
 Ã‚· Windows Vista’s calendar
 Ã‚· Mozilla Firefox settings : bookmarks, extensions (tested with AdBlock Plus and LogMeIn plugin)…
 Ã‚· Mozilla Thunderbird messages and settings
 Ã‚· Modem parameters (rasphone.pbk file), except connection logins and passwords
 Ã‚· System fonts (useful if you installed fonts unbundled with Windows or your softwares)
 Ã‚· User defined additional files
 Ã‚· User defined additional folders

Download: Fab’s AutoBackup

Download: Fab’s AutoBackup 2.2