Facebook Aims to Become the Next Google Instead of the Next MySpace

by admin August 17, 2009 at 7:46 pm

Facebook is making strategic moves to evolve into something greater than a Classmates.com with silly quizzes. It purchased FriendFeed, a popular niche social networking platform, and the talented development team that built it. It has rolled out new search functionality, and a new ability to share status updates with the entire network in real-time. It has rumored connections to the recently announced RockMelt web browser and is supposedly working on a payment system. All of these moves work to keep Facebook one step ahead of competing sites and establish itself as a must-use platform.

And why not? Facebook is no Google (yet), but they have amassed over 250 million members in a relatively short amount of time. More importantly, it seems that Facebook reached the critical mass where membership becomes self-feeding and grows exponentially. Every new member of Facebook is reaching out to their friends and family and inviting them to also join the Facebook network so they can share status updates, photos, compete against each other in web-based games, and take silly quizzes about what personality disorder they have.

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